5 dimensional strictly locally homogeneous Riemannian by Patrangenaru V.

By Patrangenaru V.

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Fredholm alternative 59 4. Surjectivity in the non-same homogeneous case 63 5. Examples 65 PART B: Main results i. Borsuk type theorem 67 2. Fredholm alternative 71 3. Historical remarks 74 54 - Chapter This equations AT(x) deals - S(x) S are with = f the - solution of nonlinear in dependence nonlinear where T and space X w i t h values in a real B a n a c h space l l o w i n g type are obtained: vable for e a c h ha8 o n l y and T f e Y operators on the real The e q u a t i o n provided the solution x = O, works "as identity the defined 1, Banach Y.

This is a contradiction proving i n f IIxllx=l II I T ( x ) - =c> S(x)l~ 0 Y and thus a Ll~tT(x) - S(x) II ~- c l|xl~ Y X for each x e X. I. - 63 proof of the converse The - part is obvious. m 4. 1). -dimensional case we can prove tion as well. a < b -dimensional T H E 0 R E M onto X a Then AT According implies and seems Let Y , S : X---gY reflexive Proof. 1. quasihomogeneous the a s s u m p - This is based on the fact that in the finite- of operators infinite-dimensional X the same a s s e r t i o n u n d e r case the c o n t i n u i t y the p r o p e r t i e s In the f i n i t e - T the complete S "commute".

Subspace spanned by the eleaents - Xnl of and 39 Xn2 . 4) where d [I - Tni Dm = X m ~ ; Dni, D and OR = d [I - Tni; Dm, O] , i=1,2, Dni = Xnin D. C o n s i d e r the homotopy H(x,t) - t(I - Tnl) with (x) + (i - t) (I - Tn2) t e < 0,i > . For all x ~ a D, U t (I - Tnl ) (x) + ( i - t) (I - Tn2 )(x) - (I - T ) I[t (I - - (I - t) (I - T) (x) [[ t r/2 + (I - t) r/2 = r/2 x 6 Xm ~ ~IH(x,t) II ~ ~D and . t ~ < 0,I > llH(x,t) - (I - T) (x) + (I - T) (x)I~ r - r/2 = Then by Theorem A. 4) r/2 . (Homotopy property of degree) am, O] = d Tn2 has the usual properties the corresponding T H E 0 R E M m, 0].

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