A companion to naturalism by Kelly James Clark

By Kelly James Clark

"Since the flip of the twenty-first century, naturalism has turn into the most popular philosophical orthodoxies within the Western academy. but naturalism is extra frequently assumed than defended. The Blackwell significant other to Naturalism bargains a scientific creation that defines, discusses and defends philosophical naturalism. Essays take on naturalism's function in current cultural conversations, from Libertarianism to Read more...


The Blackwell significant other to Naturalism offers a scientific creation to philosophical naturalism and its relation to different faculties of thought. Read more...

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23 See Casebeer (2003) for a similar argument against Moore. Prinz (2002) gives an edifying discussion of ­concepts and their prototype‐like structure. 24 A more detailed account can be found in David Wong’s (2006b) Natural Moralities. NATURALIZING ETHICS 29 The distinctively normative component of naturalistic ethics should explain why some norms (including norms governing choosing norms), values, and virtues are good or are better than others. One common rationale for favoring a norm or set of norms is that it is suited to modify, suppress, transform, or amplify some characteristic or capacity belonging to our nature – either our animal nature or our nature as socially situated beings.

In spite of this, Mackie saw no problem with advocating utilitarianism as the best moral theory, and in that sense was a cognitivist – a cognitivist antirealist, as it were. NATURALIZING ETHICS 21 What is the right way to do moral philosophy? According to Kant, we need “a completely isolated metaphysics of morals,” a pure ethics unmixed with the empirical study of human nature. ”9 Kantian ethics, qua philosophical theory, might not seem to be openly supernaturalistic. However, it is not naturalistic either.

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