Existential Phenomenology by William A. Luijpen, Henry J. Koren

By William A. Luijpen, Henry J. Koren

After describing guy as life and its implications, this booklet explores the which means of information and fact by way of existential considering. subsequent, it develops the concrete concept of human freedom, implied in life, and man's primary intersubjective attitudes of hatred, indifference, love, and justice. within the ultimate bankruptcy it increases the matter of man's metaphysical measurement and the lifestyles of God.

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In this chapter we would like to avoid as much as possible all epistemological and gnoseological questions because they will be considered ex professo in the next chapter. However, it is not very well possible to avoid them entirely. We meet them here, for example, when we raise the question concerning the mode of being proper to the world. The problem is to show that the world in which man as a subject is involved is radically human, so that it is impossible to speak about a world-without-man.

62 It was our intention to stress this point when above we said that that the self posits itself only in relation. My Body. The idea of existence as expressing the essence of our being-man imposes itself also through the analysis of the meaning of the body. This is the approach preferred by Gabriel Marcel and Merleau-Ponty. Let us point out first of all, however, that it is necessary to conceive the body here really as the human body. My body is not just one of the many pertaining to the large family of bodies.

26. 50Cf. Merleau-Ponty, Sens et non-sens, p. 143. GOCf. Merleau-Ponty, Sens et non-sens, pp. 143-144. Man, the Metaphysical Being 21 the subject-"I," the subject which is always identical with itself and which we express when we say: HI hear," "I see," HI am bored," the subject which is the source of actions on the basis of which I am ultimately called a jaiier, an engineer, just, or a thief. Concerning this self, we can only assert that it does not occur otherwise than as the source or origin of actions which are mediately or immediately directed to the world.

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