A grammar of colouring applied to decorative painting and by George Field

By George Field

This ebook used to be digitized and reprinted from the collections of the college of California Libraries. It was once made from electronic photos created in the course of the libraries’ mass digitization efforts. The electronic photos have been wiped clean and ready for printing via computerized tactics. regardless of the cleansing strategy, occasional flaws should still be current that have been a part of the unique paintings itself, or brought in the course of digitization. This booklet and millions of others are available on-line within the HathiTrust electronic Library at www.hathitrust.org.

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Colour. OF THE PRIMARY COLOURS 39 RED. , with vegetal yellow tinctures, in the manner of rose pink, from which they borrow their name. are bright yellow colours, extensively used in distemper and for paper-staining and other ordinary They but are little deserving attention in the purposes of art, being in every respect inferior even walks higher to the yellow lakes, except the best kinds of English ; and Italian pinks, which are, in fact, yellow lakes, and richer in colour than the pigments generally called yellow lake.

ROSE PINK kind of lake, produced by dyeing chalk or with decoction of Brazil wood, &c. , but is too perishable Is a coarse to merit the attention of the artist. THE GRAMMAR OF COLOURING. 52 CHAPTER XL BLUE. THE third and last of the primary or simple colours is which bears the same relation to shade that yellow does to light hence it is the most retiring and diffusive of all colours, except purple and black and all colours have the power of throwing it back in painting, in blue, ; ; greater or less degree, in proportion to the intimacy of their relations to light ; first white, then yellow, orange, red, &c.

GREY TINTS of a brown hue-- Madder Brown and Cobalt, Madder Lake, Cobalt, and Yellow Ochre. Red and Indigo. and Cobalt. Red Light Indian Gamboge, Lake, and Indigo. Burnt Sienna, Lake, and Indigo. BRO\VN TINTS Lake Cobalt, and Yellow Ochre. Lake, Indigo, and Yellow Ochre. Raw Sienna, Madder Lake, and Cobalt, Light Red and Indigo. THE GRAMMAR OP COLOURING. 26 Vandyke Brown, Lake, and Indigo. Burnt Sienna, Gamboge, and Indigo. Vandyke Brown, Gamboge, and Indigo* Vandyke Brown and Lake. Burnt Sienna and Lake.

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