A grammar of the Kūi language by J. E. Friend-Pereira

By J. E. Friend-Pereira

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It. the set formed on the Plural. evanju. eparp. evan-i, evan-i-i, 8fc. evar-i, 8fc evan-ni, fyc. evar'tii, 8fc. evari'di eMr-di. evan-ki emr-ki, evan-i-ki, 8fC evar-i-ki, Sfc evan-ni-ki) tyc. '-/ var*nirki t Sfc.

Amndrtge. Bat, amndnge. amndnki. amndn-i-ki, fyc. g. Vddu dju sana, come let us go as follows : we 35 DECLENSION. Reflexive Pronouns. The personal noun characteristics of the third person when it stands as the nominative a verb. The reflexive pronoun in Kui Singular. tdnu, The of the pronoun possesses all the be considered a personal propronoun, and may almost reflexive reflexive pronoun is: . self. is Plural, tdru, selves. declined as follows: Declension. Singular. to 36 KUI LANGUAGE. The person gives pronouns are not used An emphatic particle reflexive in Kui.

Be pronounoed short. , aba, a father ; word a is ends in a or idu, u, the a house. , Tamil m\n, a fish, becomes minu in Kui. B I LANGUAGE. UI Sometimes the Short is I particle used as the enunoiative, is ju compared with the Tamil pu a flower, as used in a similar (colloquial manner in the appellative and relative, participial nouns, kqga-V'i, small ones ; e-v-i9 these things. ia, Contiguous vowels retain their radical mother mi, coming gia, done. , e-anju, mother ; rd-y-i,, coming ; two The semikeep them between inserted he.

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