A Hermit in the Himalayas: The Journal of a Lonely Exile by Dr Paul Brunton

By Dr Paul Brunton

A mix of go back and forth narrative & profound religious adventure. no dw, undated 1st ed c1939

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If we are mere flesh-beings, and nothing m ore, then it would certainly be unfair to ask our atoms, slowly transformed and redis­ tributed after death into other beings, to atone for our wrong­ doings. But \'ie are that, plus something more. That something more is Consciousness. Really, we are conscious minds interwoven with the bon e and flesh of the body. Those minds represent the summation of our characters. tenden­ cies and capacities. They are the real sources of our acts because they are our real personalities, not the bodies.

The couple of centuries during which Western civilization has been lapping at the shores of India must be rounded out by a couple of decades more before the world shall see the answer. Meanwhile politicians have created a new profession for young educated India, an d the cry for independence, for the British authority to leave the sh ores of their country, makes itselfvociferously heard wherever they forgather. The young cultured Hindu who dresses like the moderns but thinks like the ancients is fast dis­ appearing.

At any rate, these leaves provide a magnificent natural carpet for the hill-top, one which is as comfortable as a thickly woven, hand­ made Mirzapur, and certainly not a whit less artistic. An odd cowslip and a few tiny violets flourish into decorative existence among the leaves. I know that I need travel no farther. The gods have led me to this perfect retreat. The Hindus, like the Tibetans, firmly believe that the Himalayas are the secret abodes of the gods, as well as of so A HERMIT IN THE HIMALAYAS those spiritual supermen whom they call the Rishees, who today are supposed to dwell there in invisible etheric bodies.

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