Advances in space science and technology. Volume 8 by Frederick I. Ordway

By Frederick I. Ordway

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The Blind Spot: Science and the Crisis of Uncertainty

In today's unpredictable and chaotic global, we glance to technology to supply simple task and answers--and frequently blame it whilst issues get it wrong. The Blind Spot unearths why our religion in medical simple task is a deadly phantasm, and the way simply via embracing science's inherent ambiguities and paradoxes do we actually savor its good looks and harness its power.

Elephants on Acid

Have you questioned if a severed head keeps cognizance lengthy adequate to work out what occurred to it? Or no matter if your puppy could run to fetch aid, for those who fell down a disused mineshaft? And what could ensue in the event you have been to offer an elephant the most important ever unmarried dose of LSD? the possibilities are that somebody, someplace has performed a systematic test to determine.

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Portal Combat (Ted Saves the World, Book 3)

Because the boundaries among worlds begin to crumble…
…superhero Ted Finley needs to conflict his maximum enemy yet.
After a summer season spent maintaining the weak from ordinary mess ups, Ted couldn't be extra excited to come domestic for his senior yr of highschool. whereas he goals of educating with and relationship his protector, Erica LaPlante, lifestyles as a teenage superhero keeps to get tougher. A crafty presidential candidate, a disgruntled gatekeeper among nation-states, and primary villains threaten to finish Ted and Erica's undertaking, in addition to the world.

When a brand new and robust enemy emerges, Ted and Erica needs to opt for their allies properly to maintain a perilous military at bay. in the event that they fail, the folks they be aware of and love will locate themselves on a planet-wide battlefield.

Portal strive against is the 3rd novel in a YA sci-fi/fantasy sequence that includes action-packed struggle scenes, terrifying villains, witty banter, and a pinch of middle. writer Bryan Cohen's Ted Saves the area sequence maintains to develop in scope and pleasure in his 3rd installment.

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Clavius, showing the ring-progression and the important structural relationships between Clavius and Porter (upper right). Scalloped facets and stepfaulting (upper left) show clearly, especially when the photograph is viewed from the right-hand side. Courtesy G. P. Kuiper, Photographic Lunar Atlas, University of Chicago Press, Chicago. 40 G. J. H. MC CALL D. Ring Progressions Clavius (Fig. 8 ) , with Ptolemeus, provides some of the best evidence of all of volcano-tectonic origin, and yet another feature of this 142-mi diameter cirque is the strange annular progression within it: a circlet of smaller craters growing progressively larger as one follows the circlet.

19) and also suggest that the long narrow caldera aligned along the length of the rift valley (Section IV) show some resemblance to the many lunar craters. One may of Ngorongoro, Tanganyika, and the Lake Toba cauldron lunar graben-craters (Section V). Differences that come to mind are the less pronounced polygonality of the rift valley volcanic and volcano-tectonic craters compared with lunar craters, and the development of highly irregular calderas.

Kuiper, Photographic Lunar Atlas, University of Chicago Press, Chicago. CONCEPT OF VOLCANO-TECTONIC UNDATION IN SELENOLOGY 25 canism. This crater is a perfect dish crater, which surely also provides evidence of volcanic origin for the dish craters, in spite of their dissimilarity to common terrestrial crater forms. The demolition of the concept of secondary induced vulcanism, already tottering on account of the evidence so far cited, can be completed if we turn our attention to the large lunar craters.

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