Aerial Plant Surface Microbiology (The Language of Science) by Cindy E. Morris, C. Nguyen-The, P.C. Nicot

By Cindy E. Morris, C. Nguyen-The, P.C. Nicot

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The quantities o f total amino acids on the ear leaf at the late tassel stage were 2617 and 2347 nmol c m -2 o n normal and Glossy 1, respectively. The quantities o f sugars on the two plant lines were 470 and 512 nmol cm -2 for glucose, 479 and 462 nmol cm 2 for fructose, and 1751 and 1190 nmol cm 2 for sucrose. The majority o f substances (75% o f the sugars, and 52% o f the amino acids) was collected after the first spraying. There was a risk o f leaching amino acids with a second Figure 1. ) by water spraying.

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Technol. 24:1321-1326. Sangster, J. 1989, Octanol-water partition coefficients of simple organic compounds. J. Phys. Chem. Rg[~ Data 18:1111-1229. E. 1959, Development of the cuticular layer in angiosperm leaves. Am. J. Bot. 46:625-635. G. 1985, Allgemeine Mikrobiologie, Georg Thieme Verlag, Stuttgart, New York. , Merida, T. and Sch6nherr, J. 1981, Water permeability and fine structure of cuticular membranes isolated enzymatically from leaves ofClivia miniata Reg. Z. Pflanzenphysiol. 105:41-51.

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