Age, Accent and Experience in Second Language Acquisition: by Alene Moyer

By Alene Moyer

This paintings significantly addresses the age debate in moment language acquisition reports, proposing an in-depth examine of things that expect international accessory. Quantitative and qualitative analyses be certain that cognitive, social, and mental components give a contribution to attainment, and that organic impacts needs to hence be thought of along those crucial elements of learner adventure.

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As an exception to this rule, Elliott (1995a) has verified significant relationships between pronunciation accuracy and cognitive style, in terms of both field independence (associated with highly analytical individuals) and degree of right hemisphere specialization (associated with accuracy in discriminating meaning through cues from intonation). This is particularly interesting because other factors tested (including instructional duration, other languages known, gender, and informal exposure to L2) do not stand out impressively in regression analyses.

E. prior knowledge). Similarly, Kaltenbacher (1994) finds transfer effects for syllable stress among Egyptian Arabic speakers learning German, and argues that markedness concerns constrain the specific rules transferred from Arabic as follows: the least marked are most likely to be transferred, as are rules that are similar across L1 and L2. Finally, Hammarberg (1993) finds that both creative strategies and natural constraints operate simultaneously in a balance tipped most often by L1 transfer (cf.

It is often difficult to separate developmental effects from transfer effects, and errors produced could be traceable to either source. As an example, Wode (1983) finds evidence for overlap in vowel and consonant substitution, devoicing and overgeneral- 30 W:\Clients\MLM\Moyer\proof2\Moyer proof 2 09 February 2004 17:55:10 Color profile: Disabled Composite Default screen 28 Age, Accent and Experience in Second Language Acquisition ization across learners of German with various L1s (including Hindi, French, Arabic, and Spanish).

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