American spaces of conversion : the conductive imaginaries by Andrea Knutson

By Andrea Knutson

This research examines how the concept that of conversion and the legacy of the doctrine of practise, as articulated in Puritan Reformed theology and transplanted to the Massachusetts Bay colony, remained an essential cultural strength shaping advancements in American literature, theology, and in philosophy within the type of pragmatism.


This research examines how the concept that of conversion and particularly the legacy of the doctrine of training, as articulated in Puritan Reformed theology and transplanted to the Massachusetts Bay Read more...

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PTV, 123–124) Though Shepard speaks here of a saving sight of Christ, one which suggests the workings of the Holy Spirit, he has couched the project in a discourse of technologia, establishing a reliable epistemological foundation grounded in an analytic process of seeing the knowledge of Christ as reflected or refracted through a glass. Attempts to discern God’s wisdom, as always, can only be known in part and mediately despite the efforts to penetrate the veil that obscures the view and experience an immediate relation to the universe and God.

So, when an event that carries such an immense emotional weight as the migration slips out of its bracket, as it did when it did not meet the immigrants’ expectations, it must be reincorporated, as the data of experience would be manipulated in a Ramist scheme, back into the morphology and, therefore, back into the discourse of salvation. Caldwell’s argument is that the saints’ feelings of isolation after the migration are caused by the unavailability of a communal expression for their individual experiences; therefore, they rely on what she terms a “since-I-came-hither-dead-hearted-but-I-have-been-revived” convention “not so much to provide a literal description of their emotions .

Ans. First, the apostle prays for it. Secondly, see what it is by his description, and meditate on it. 1. : thou art as dear to the Lord as he or any in heaven; nay, it may be, did cost more: not a cross, not a mercy, but it is common (for substance) unto all saints. 2. The length, from eternity to eternity, nothing can part, nothing shall part; all other things are but summer swallows, that build with us for a time. 3. The depth, that the Lord should look upon thee when in thy pesthouse, when no eye pitied thee, when as low as the grave, nay, as low as hell, nay, lower; for they in hell would come out, thou wouldst not.

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