An Introduction to Algebraic Topology by Andrew H. Wallace

By Andrew H. Wallace

This self-contained therapy assumes just some wisdom of genuine numbers and actual research. the 1st 3 chapters concentrate on the fundamentals of point-set topology, and then the textual content proceeds to homology teams and non-stop mapping, barycentric subdivision, and simplicial complexes. routines shape a vital part of the textual content. 1961 version.

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Theorem 10]. 15), then K and L are equivalent knots. Assume now that C 3(K) has an essential annulus A. , granny and square knots [304,Feustel & Whitten, 1978,Canad. J. Math]. Suppose K is cable. Then K is a torus if π1(C 3(K)) has a nontrivial center [162,Burde & Zieschang,1966,Math. ]; in this case K is equivalent to L. Hence assume K0 is nontrivial. ]; otherwise L is a (±p, ±q)-cable about a knot L0 such that C 3(K0 ) ∼ = C 3 (L0 ), and we arrive at the conjecture. ] and [1000,Simon,1975,Proc.

The format of the 1977 list has, in a Procrustean way, been continued. There are still five chapters, one each for the four dimensions plus miscellaneous. g. 45. 105 are new. This means that, for example, problems on knot groups can appear in three different sections CONTENTS 5 rather than together. But there is liberal cross referencing, as in the table of contents for each chapter. The old Problems are stated without changes, except for completed references and corrections of errors. The texts of the Problems contain abbreviated references, typically just the author, journal, and year, which should usually be enough for the reader to guess the paper rather than pause to consult the bibliography where the full citation occurs.

Any such flexible 2-handle is proper homotopy equivalent, rel∂, to the standard open 2-handle B 2 × intD2 . One fundamental question is whether this can ever be a diffeomorphism. The manifold Q can be regarded as the union of an open 0-handle intB04 and two flexible 2-handles. ,1964,Ann. ]). However, C is smoothly cellular (≡ the intersection of a nested sequence of smooth 4-balls) ⇔ some Wn is null-concordant. 28 CHAPTER 1. KNOT THEORY Update: If Wn is constructed using only right-handed (or left-handed) clasps, then it is not smoothly null concordant [100,Biˇzaca,1995,Proc.

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